Saturday, January 31, 2009

Having a great day..

Just wanted to share a few things that have happened recently. Aside from having a bout with food poisoning last night, I am having an awesome day. I have been found by one of my dearest friends from school and havent seen or heard from her in about 22 years! So excited to get back in touch with her and her family. Also I had the opportunity to find another friend from my childhood that I havent heard from in many many years and found out she had twins recently! Wow how we all grow up lol. I am excited to hear from her, hopefully she remembers me lol.

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  1. Hello! How did you even find me? I wouldn't have recognized you from the is too small for me to really see, but saw your name right by it! WOW!! What a long time it has been! I am glad you found me! Now we can keep in touch! Are you still in Klamath Falls? I am up in the Portland area, but we are planning on moving back to Salem in about a week. I look forward to catching up!! Take care!